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Lonely as God - Dale Chase A rugged view of love and life on the trail.At first, this story seems really abrupt, but as I read on the harshness and frank talk without pretty words or thoughts made perfect sense. This is the story of a young man leading the life of a drover, a cowboy running cattle from one place to another. Tom, is an uneducated man and his speech reflects that--it isn't romanticized. He and his fellow drovers are coarse and take their pleasures whenever and wherever they please.As long as it doesn't affect their work, no one much cares what the men do, even if it is out in the open. Life on the trail doesn't allow for privacy and modesty is unheard of, but some of the men keep a distance. The trail boss and his second, for authority reasons, maintain a degree of separation from the rest of the men and this includes refraining from fraternization.Now, Jack has caught Tom's eye and his unattainable status leads him to keep speculating about him while at a distance. It is during a nightwatch that they speak; it is only a few words, but Jack's recitation of some poetry speaks to the disquiet Tom's been feeling lately. The story proceeds from there as the two learn more about each other when the drive is finished in Abilene. Tom comes to realize several things about himself and what he wants in the future. Jack has his own ideas about what he wants. Can they find it together?I enjoyed the characters and the ungentrified telling of cowboy life on the trail. My knowledge of this aspect of history and the conditions are practically non-existent, but it spoke to realism in a way that I've not previously encountered. Yes, the sexuality was raw, but not porn. It is more of a natural expression that is outside the rules of convention. I also really enjoyed Tom's progression through the story as he comes to reevaluate his views and actions. Recommended for western lovers who like frankness and unromanticized relationships. Favorite passage:"You gonna sleep with those fellows?""That was the plan.""Maybe that's not such a good idea. I think puking lies ahead."~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews