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Shanghai Love - Layne Wong 4.5 starsPain, loss, resilience. These are constants within the story. The voice and tone reads very much like Isak Dinesen and reminds me Out of Africa with an intense sense of immersion with the character and lyrical quality to the descriptions.Exquisite setting and background to the story of Henri and Peilin. It is a very dark place before they meet in Shanghai. Scenes of Nazi Germany and the Nanking Massacre are but a few of the tragedies visited upon the protagonists' lives.There are many characters, though the Chinese ones tend to be more developed. The Germans are what concepts are bounced off of as being exemplary of the differences between the two. Brigitta and Rosen are rigid and demonstrate the same unyielding bigotry that they are running from, while Ezra and Rita provide the counter with their acceptance. Chinese herbalism is very detailed along with rites and celebrations. You come away with a good understanding of Chinese customs and the significance of honor and how it differs culturally. Perhaps my relative ignorance about these things made it more intriguing than it would be to a more familiar reader, but the weaving of the story was engaging and the prose was alluring. Recommended to readers who love epic, period romances, especially those in non-western settings.Favorite quote:"Hope has to continue and grow,” Ping told her. “Not grieve for the past, but look out into the future—live life.”~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews