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Running Hot - Megan Slayer Two hot, mature men and cherried out trucks!Throw in some kinky fun and this should have tickled me pink. Alas...not so much. First and foremost, the awkward shifting of gears in Collins and Sam's relationship. Fast, slow, fast, faster...unrealistic speed to the rate of their commitment to each other--from zero to collared. Way too fast. Add in some less than appealing language, and no...I'm not going all girly here, but seriously--does "deflating cock" sound reasonable for a post-coital state or a situation that requires medical attention? I liked the setting of a race team crew. I liked the more mature character ages--good to know men over thirty-five can still get lucky. I liked the idea of making them kinky. Unfortunately, this did not gel for me.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews