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Coming Home - Robyn Walker Distressing story in a post-apocalyptic setting as a result of eco-disaster. Mandated food rationing, border patrol chipping, and nationalism driven by shortages provide a very tense atmosphere for Nick's return to Australia for a friend's funeral. Melancholy and silent desperation, things are so bad everyone speaks as if the new normal is normal. I liked the serious issues addressed, but the mix of suicide, expatriation, and lost chance romance certainly does tip this to the depressing end of the reading scale. I probably would have dealt with that fine, but it's open-ended and leaves a sense of disquiet. I wasn't precisely disappointed so much as I was left feeling bereft without a resolution. Add in the overall theme of things just keep turning and us turning with it; well let's just say I need to be in the mood for this. My rating reflects the at fact that the story meanders and while the writing is good this and the lack of closure meant a lower score.Recommended to readers--I have no idea, but they should like dystopic tales.Favorite quote:Tammy made Nick the tea boy, ferrying hot mugs outside to where Daniel still lingered, hoping that proximity and the act of tea-drinking, with all of its cultural baggage, might make Daniel’s reserves break down.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews