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Reluctant Bride - Temple Hogan Cailla, the laird's feisty daughter. Brave or foolish?Logan, the ill-kempt warrior. Friend or foe?Turn ons: frequent swordplay, double-crossing, and fun on the lam.A classic storyline of betrayal and marauders storming the keep while being "manned" by the faithful and led by the sole family female. The allegiances start off and are kept purposefully muddy and work well.Less savory aspects of the telling: feisty turns bratty and insolent. I personally ride a thin line between cheeky and well-deserving of a backhand--Cailla crossing this line one too many times for my patience. Her strength and my admiration was thus undermined. Overall, this story breaks no new Highlander ground. It is more adventure and sass than a sexy read. I found it an entertaining and a diverting way to whittle away a wee bit of time. Favorite quote:Gowain had said his daughter was beautiful but somewhat temperamental, but he’d understated the truth. ~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews