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FrankenDom - Robin L. Rotham 1st POV sucks. The names for the secondary characters: Dirk and Vince Price, somehow this wasn’t as funny as I’m sure the author intended. Please stop. Ick! No shower after a two-leg transatlantic flight before sex? Oral SEX?! Sorry, but hygiene is important to me—no ‘effin’ way! *SHUDDERS* I don’t like being in stupid peoples’ heads.1. Contract: The seriously abridged time limit for signing—it’s not professional and yes, it is manipulative. Yet, even idiots read before signing2. Hello?! Seriously, no condoms? No tests? We’re just going on a wing and a prayer.3. Geometry fail. Isosceles does NOT equal equilateral, editor where are you?4. BDSM slow boat Show-and-Tell, better like rudimentaryJulian and Colin’s sexual relationship start—dumb ass Colin for accepting that.No comment on the medical plans. *Shakes headNo comment on the morals demonstrated. *Bangs head on wall Changed my mind: “Why should we let his perfectly healthy body rot in the ground when it can be used to save not just the recipient, but the lives of many innocent people?” --Are you kidding me? IF you can’t comprehend the consequences (pull out your Marx people) for reducing humans to parts (fetishizing) than this is a good reason why you shouldn’t be involved in law or politics. Talk about slippery slope. Calling it DNF at the 38% because the cost to benefit ratio sucks.