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The Broken Triangle - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow Whoa.This book went a totally different direction than I expected and at first, I was like...what? Then I was like, Holy Crap! This is so much better than the easy road I imagined. It is messy. It is not rainbows and unicorns, but damn if it didn't make me break out in goosebumps and take deep breaths along the way. Vin's journey is so much more than a romance, it is life. And doesn't that just suck sometimes? Especially, when you realize you're wrong. Blinding moments of truth. I admit, at first I felt cheated that the story turned, but then as it evolved into something more real and intense I was like, Wow. So unexpected and if you're looking for typical, this story isn't what you're looking for. By the end, I was so glad the easy story was ignore because this was so much more satisfying. Okay, maybe there could have been more D/s 'cause let's face it I adore Davitt and Snow's work in that playground, but there is a fantastic voyeuristic scene. You see the nascent beginnings of Vin's sexual revolution and it is SUBLIME.