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The Theft of Dorian Gray - Joshua Skye Freaky steampunk that is an alternate universe of Oscar Wilde and his creation of [b:The Picture of Dorian Gray|5297|The Picture of Dorian Gray|Oscar Wilde|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320467562s/5297.jpg|1858012].The story runs from the moment of its theft and what a delightful if surreal journey.Flashback to Oscar at Trinity and the onset of his journey into adulthood. There are several uses of the time shifts in the storytelling and while it usually drives me bonkers, I actually enjoyed it here.There are a whole host of characters that are beyond interesting. It is the secondary characters that really fill in and take the story to the next level. Adam and Eve are awesome. Slightly creepy, but still awesome. Homeward’s basement, very creepy. In fact, there are several inhabitants of his house that are twisted, and yet...not.This just a fun read. The language, the amusing inventions, and the scathing wit were simply lovely.Overall, intriguing. I must confess a glaring absence of first hand knowledge of the novel. Terrible, isn’t it? I love the legend of Wilde and never wanted to impinge upon it with the banalities of reality. I fell in love with the gorgeous monstrosity of his Egyptian inspired Art Deco tomb graffittied with garish crimson lips. I’m afraid that my admiration for Wilde was not great enough to kiss the filth of Paris. Recommended to steampunk fans who enjoy witty repartees and amusing condescension. Favorite quote:Blame religion, blame the sheep in the pews, blame the hypocrites on high, the royals and the cogs of the establishment equally...but what the entire distasteful stew boiled down to was the dishonorable legislation of subjective intolerance.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews