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The Finest Line - Catherine   Taylor Must love brats.Mairead. Spoiled brat blaming other people for the reasons for her bad behavior and lack of control. Total attention whore whose selfishness means it's all about ME--all the time.James, the ridiculously rigid formal chauffeur/body guard who after years in service starts to take on additional duties.The story has strengths in the sexual and domestic discipline interactions between James and Mairead--they're hot, wicked hot. On the other hand, there are issues with the plot and character developments that are far less successful.Honestly, I wanted to stopped reading a couple times during the story because Mairead's actions were so stupid...like beyond eye-rolling, in a here we go again way. This is compounded by other character issues in both James and Mark and the underdeveloped villain, Richard. Then, there's just bits that felt weird. James bizarrely formal dialogue shifts to corny lines during post-coital discussion. Just odd, conversation to be having after deflowering. And yeah...that's totally unrealistic. No chick willingly goes 4 times the first time--it friggin' hurts and then is ready for Energizer bunny Round Two the next morning. I get that this is erotica and Mairead is a masochist, but this stretches believability too much. Then there's drama. More drama and the continual bad decision making and here's where the author starts to lose me. I don't like miscommunication/bad communication in stories and while it plays into Mairead's emotional underdevelopment--it's friggin' annoying. And her logic is so flawed all I can do is shake my head, I mean, seriously?!Then we begin the parable. Mark in contrast to James and "What Mairead Doesn't Understand about Herself, Part Five". Mark's contribution to the story provides contrast and conflict, but the addition of Richard just makes me shake my head. I don't know what to say other than it goes for creepy and melodrama.So if the yo-yo action, strange plot twists and the brattiness isn't a turn off for you, then perhaps you'll enjoy this story. I personally, found Mairead's character so unfocused that I was alienated. Plus, there was some very odd dialogue that just rubbed me the wrong way.Her stomach was beginning to turn again but she smiled anyway. “Oh goody, I can’t wait. Hope I’m not a disappointment.”This really isn't a realistic response regarding the imminent threat/promise of upcoming sexual congress from a woman who is being blackmailed into a relationship. And if it is an attempt at sarcasm, it failed. And nobody is this naive today about cocaine:Looking at Mark, she turned and smiled. “Could we do some more of your funny white powder?”Recommended to brat lovers who enjoy domestic discipline stories and enjoy a reality television format.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews