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Dark And Stormy - Deirdre O'Dare This is a lighthearted gothic story with the sweet, naive tutor and the bold, dashing guardian.Dylan resigned his commission to care for his orphaned nephew and nieces. A man of action, he's always at the ready. Dark and brooding he provides a bit of mystery for the new tutor. Necessity forces Martin to take a position in the remote hills of Wales. After meeting his new charges he realizes they have greater needs than mere schooling. Marshaling supplies he balances his job and the children's needs. But what of his?The children are a whole kettle of fish and quite entertaining in their own right. When they cut loose in the story their language is both absolutely hysterical if a bit shocking for an earl's offspring. Needless to say, they provide some comic relief to the more tense moments.Like in any good gothic novel, there are the nefarious going ons that infringe upon our characters and are confronted in true heroic fashion. Add in the atmosphere and the questionable characters and you have a fun read. The sexual relations are not a main focus and tame, but the relationship makes sense for the story. Overall, I found it amusing and diverting to read.Favorite passage:"While I realize I haven't been as many places and seen as much as you have, I'm not a child, even a youth. I consider myself a man."Recommended to readers who enjoy the heightened elements of gothic stories or the machinations of Scooby Doo mysteries.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews