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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
Pretty Little Rentboys - Mike McAvoy Depressing.Brothers Ian and Aiden are in the big city looking for their break to become the next pop singing sensation. I've seen these people in Hollywood wandering the streets--too beautiful with vacant eyes that look like they died several years ago. Or even more depressing--the sparkly, wishful ones that haven't had their worlds destroyed, yet--knowing what's ahead for ALL, but the very lucky few.The story is sad, gritty and leaves you feeling despondent. This is not a happy, glittery rentboy story and while I can deal with everything else the ending...sucked. Overall, that wasn't what affected the mid-rating, but rather the rushed nature and the fact that there were some unanswered issues with Ian that really need answering. I know people have strong feelings both ways. Yes, there is twincest.