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Obedience Classes - Sean Michael ~3.5 Stars~One troublemaker and one enforcer.Trevor is fed up with paying homage to the "old ways" and stupid Pack hierarchy. He's ready to head off on his own and leave it all behind--no one will care anyway, he's an outsider. Dirk keeps to himself, but when his sister and the Alpha come to him for a favor they make sure to point out the advantages to the assignment: Advanced Obedience Classes.In true Michael's fashion, there is a lot of growling and "Mine" being tossed around. Of course, this one actually has wolf shifters so the growling seems even more appropriate. What is definitely in the dub-con area at the onset migrates as time passes with a small surprise. In the end, Trevor gets to reevaluate what pack means to him. Enjoyed the hot smutty action of an ubermale taking on a youngster. Not deep, but more like an essential snack food you just can't say no to. Recommended to were lovers who like a lot of push and a little plot with their porn.Favorite quote: "The Pack is like a crazy fucking homeowners association. Not only that, you pay dues and end up in shitty apartments like this one."~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews