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Tuck & Cover - S.J.D. Peterson 4.5 StarsTwo sexy alpha males tell like it is. From basic training through Ranger School Owen and Tuck are like flint and stone--just sparking each time they come together. Flash grenades ain't got nothing on these two.Now when you start reading the first viewpoint, Tuck's, you really think Owen's a bit of an arrogant prick--and you're right, he is. Somehow all that ridiculous dickheadedness gets twisted into gleeful irreverence when you read Owen's viewpoint, and he's forgiven, even if he still is a prick. Besides, Tuck can give as good as he gets and this inherent equality makes Owen seem like less of a jerk.I have to say, I am and I am not surprised by how much I liked layout of the story. Told in a "He said, He said" format, it had none of the bore me with reiterating a series of events that I usually experience. Then again, it is deliberately done. This is an expanded version of the previously released Battle Buddy with Owen's perspective added, and his humor is an amusing counterpoint to Tuck's teeth grinding. Owen's side also gives some critical backstory that just flushes his and Tuck's character out. While you may wonder how it will end, you won't be disappointed. Recommended for readers who like their alpha males a hot, sexy mess and battling for supremacy.Favorite quote:“Open your fucking mouth and kiss me, Tuck.”