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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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Half Moon Chambers - Harper Fox Exquisite atmosphere and sense of place wrought from lyrical prose.All authors have their strengths, but Fox's ability to wrap the reader within the folds of the setting to make the the prosaic and extraordinary shine equally bright is a gift. I was once again drawn in a laid down gently as this story of binaries played out before me, safe in a cocoon as I watched it unravel.Vincent, he works hard and plays harder until that moment when failure occurs--he's left broken. How does one move forward when everything you've come to know and expect is taken away. He finds succor in an unlikely place, mercy where he never would have thought and himself when he thought all was lost. The balance between hope and hopelessness flips back and forth. The sides of strength and weakness exploited. The connection between loathing and compassion followed. All in this desolate post-industrial hell that no matter how much you want to hate you can't because even beneath all the grime and ugliness are glimpses of forgotten beauty. They peek out to you and it is all due to the language. Luscious and entrancing. In the end, beneath all the seductive whispering of the words is a message of hope and love. Gorgeous.Favorite quote (perhaps):"He wasn't unleashed—he was the most trapped thing on earth, just like Phil, just like anyone who got into the barbed-wire thickets of uncontrolled human desire."