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Gilliflowers (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #4) - Gillibran Brown Heartbreak, aggravation, and serenity: this is what you'll experience.This is my favorite of the series. While there are funnier ones, this one finally pulls the story of how Shane, Dick and Gilli live and love together in a way that makes sense. Maybe it's because Gilli was so young in the other stories or perhaps it just takes time for the three of them to adjust and feel comfortable in their place, but up until this one--I didn't think their relationship was going to work.The success was predicated on two events: Gilli accepting his medical condition and both Dick and Shane demonstrating their love for Gilli. Previously, it always seemed like Gilli was the outsider in Dick and Shane's relationship, a tasty bit on the side to enjoy at will even as they cared for him there felt like a chasm between them. Some might say Gilli imposed that divide himself through his resistance, but I always felt like Gilli was much more sensitive than Shane took into account. When Dick steps up a takes his place as Daddy, forever changing the dynamic between Gilli and himself, it also provides a new facet to Gilli's relationship with Shane. Shane's acknowledgment of others' goading Gilli and apologizing is a huge change! Both Dick and Shane seem to undergo a major emotional epiphany after Gilli's accident when they realize they could really lose him. And Derek sniffing around provided additional kindling, for the men the make more clear their feelings to Gilli in a way he'd understand. Ironically, this book sees Gilli accept his most severe punishment to date. So, Gilli isn't walking all over Dick and Shane. Dick's gift to Shane illustrated how dear Gilli truly is. I need to reread this because there are multiple analogies and symbolism to rethink.But, the door is probably the most emblematic. Doors open and close and if you don't walk through them eventually you find yourself standing alone in an empty room. Gilli learns that life changes and so do the people in it. Favorite passage:My relationship with my men has many facets, physical and emotional. Like a rose it can be a thing of great beauty filled with musky sweetness and soft sensual delights, but a rose can also draw blood.