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The Citadel - Kyle Stone, Julie     Miller I have no idea how to rate this book so until I can figure it out, I'm not. First, it pretty much messed with my limit lines and yes, I reaffirmed they are still in place. Like the previous book humiliation based scenes predominate the first half of the book with cruel and callous games played by palace elites. It continues until it becomes a foray into torture, which was actually much easier to deal with than the body modifications done on young males--icky, creepy and Oh Hell No Thank You.I guess I would have felt better about the story and the resolution if I believed in the emotions of both Attlad and Micah. As it is, I don't understand either one and the frankly the ending is ludicrous. I lost connection with the story when my limits were crossed and subsequent scenes became gratuitous in the ever increasing sadism. This had a lot of heavy sadism with zero emotion--just torture.This book is severe enough that I'm going to issue warnings because it is extreme: rape, rape of underage males, torture, humiliation, body modification, watersports, scatA definite DMC candidate.