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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
Last Line - Harper Fox This takes some mental acuity not to get lost between the supernatural and the brainwashing elements, but it is powerful. Watching Michael unravel and then twist and break and recoil is exhausting. As horrible as it is you can't look away. The degree of psychological conditioning and its success is terrifying. Mesmerizing, it really does play into traditional Russian folklore and the implications are devastating to watch.And John, the partner we all dream of in devotion, honor, and action. He brings a smile even from afar. The story is fast paced and the suspense and the characters are intrinsically woven together. There are some hard moments in the story that just ache, but you can't help but want more. It is another foray into the sensory delight of Fox's storytelling even if some of the lyricism is sacrificed to the hard edge driving the plot.Favorite quote:It was weird how you could go through life and never need a thing until you fell across it.