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Safe in His Arms - Renee Rose 2.5 starsSuper hot spanking in this domestic discipline story. The scenes were great. Focused, passionate and thoroughly about Zac and Becca's needs for D/s and spanking respectively. I loved the way the characters interacted, but the actual plot of the story was a miss for me. One needs to suspend belief and just accept the fantasized thriller or be utterly frustrated. Which though I often roll my eyes at, I was like, "Okay, sure. Take me on the magic carpet." What really annoyed me were inherent character flaws for both protagonists. Becca's really a bit of a dolt and Zac's kinda an alphahole. Becca is hit by the bad idea fairy when she decides to attract Zac's attention by setting up a fake meeting at a renown drug trafficking park--really? And Zac, god did this one cheese me off, decided not to share that fact that there was a condom failure with his sexual partner cause he hoped she'd get pregnant--dickhead.I want to rate this BIG points for the kink. Majorly hot if DD is your thing. The other half that pays attention to character and plot is going--aahhh...No. What I'd really like to see is a representation of sexual differences in a way that doesn't imply that a fundamental flaw with the individual is necessary for these to be desires. I would love to read these scenes in that context. Favorite quote:If I exist in any form--if there is a man to know--I would want him to be the one I am when I'm with you.