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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
Ranger, Rolf
Blood Red - Cordelia Kingsbridge A gladitorial whoreslave meets something more than the average arena combatant and things go sideways from there.Liked the worldbuilding with the pseudo Graeco-Roman locations mixed with mages and shapeshifters. Nice job and very believable. Rough spot? The drag after the arena where Demetrios and Aenad keep going at it like energizer bunnies, but not progressing in a relationship. Overall, entertaining. Probably would have been driven nuts if I read this as a serial, but since I was forewarned by a kind friend--thanks, Bree--I waited before commencing. Favorite quote:He was blushing even as he said it. It was ridiculous, considering the lewd obscenities he was accustomed to spouting with little thought, but that had always been for other men's pleasure, not his own. Laying himself bare by expressing his true desires made him uncomfortable.