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Silver Bullet (Falls Chance Ranch #4)
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College Boys (Men of Holsum College, #1)

College Boys - Daisy Harris 3.5 starsHot, sexy mess coming of age story.Two guys. One knows exactly who he is and the other is just discovering things. A couple of late night solo sessions, no wall insulation, and a front row seat to your neighbor's orgasms means that Chris and Peter are becoming very well acquainted and yet, not. Having been the guy stuffed in lockers, Peter has no great interest or love for jocks, but a certain part of him stands up and takes notice whenever Chris is around. Letting go of high school grudges, he accepts Chris's offer of friendship. But...yearning for the straight guy isn't going to help with the frustration.The story starts on a low simmer and by the end is sizzling hot. While there is some drama surrounding Peter and Chris, there are no great impediments for them to overcome. Add in supporting friends on both sides and this really is an optimistic portrayal of self-discovery. Overall, a sweet, smutty read with low angst.~A copy was provided by Netgalley in exchange for No Glitter Blown review~