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Anchored (Belonging, #1)

Anchored (Belonging, #1) - Rachel Haimowitz I love the writing and the alternate reality setup. Then again, I like dystopian. It is a harsh world where capitalism has taken the extreme and everything has a bottom line, including people. Profits fall and need to be made up in other ways--how about leasing individuals rather than just sales?I actually scared myself something serious before I read this, and this is not light and fluffy, but it is not the horror I thought it would be from the chatter.Now, the characters: Daniel and Carl.Daniel--perfect corporate employee and when he isn't he's well aware of it.Carl--the lessor, and I'm sorry...but freakin' dumbass. See spoiler for rant and critical details, read after book. Seriously!? Day two of your lease and the goods come home strapped so bad he's useless and nearly catatonic and you don't understand his reactions? You're a journalist who's suppose to be intelligent and aware--No. Daniel's a mess and terrified. Carl gives no ground rules or expectations and doesn't get why he's twitchy? And then the deal with feedback to the company--not even gonna comment other than smack the crap out of the idiot Carl.Even with my misgivings, the setting and premise are so good I'll reread. Probably have the same reactions, but still do it.